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Number One Port Hill


HotelsCombined is honoured to award Number One Port Hill a 2016 Stellar Stays property; an official recognition of consistent customer satisfaction and quality.

Number One Port Hill has obtained 175 impressive reviews with an outstanding overall score of 9.9/10, ranking in the top hotels of all 265 properties in Hertfordshire.

This property is now representing the top 3% in the United Kingdom for customer satisfaction, an example for the entire industry.

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Hertfordshire's Top Hotels

The best of 265 hotels in Hertfordshire

1.Number One Port HillHertford9.9
2.Appletree B & BHertford9.86
3.Orchard HouseRoyston9.27
4.Mulberry House HertfordHertford9.24
5.Archways Lodge HotelStevenage9.13
6.2 Bursteads CottagesHigh Wych9.07
265 hotels in Hertfordshire

More than an award. A recognition you can trust.

The guests have spoken

We believe in making amazing tools to make people's life easier. With HotelsCombined, we help millions of travellers make the right accommodation decisions.
Now, we decided it was time to recognise those hotels that go above and beyond for their customers. With hotel guests posting reviews on a wide range of different travel and booking websites, blogs, forums and on social media, it was almost impossible to really understand the complete customer picture.
Not anymore.

We've crunched the data

Our world leading meta-search technology together with a proprietary algorithm helps our team combine, analyse and rank millions of points of customer feedback to form a complete and comprehensive understanding of over 800,000 hotels worldwide. This was a massive undertaking which took months of analysis by our team of data experts.
This is what makes the HotelsCombined 'Stellar Stays' awards unique, unlike any other travel award program.

World's best hotels

This award recognises the world’s best hotels that have achieved outstanding customer satisfaction.
The criteria was strict and included the quality and consistency of guest reviews, the absence of recurring or unresolved issues, and, of course, the overall score.
This year’s winners are placed within the top 3% of hotels worldwide and are representative of the absolute highest standards in the industry.

Stellar Facts

Company Profile

HotelsCombined is a world leading hotel meta-search website based in Sydney, Australia used by over 300 Million travellers each year. We have partnered with thousands of booking sites (including, Expedia, Agoda, etc) to create a one-stop hotel search engine for travellers. Instead of visiting these booking websites one-by-one, HotelsCombined simply compares them all in just one search, showing users a complete range of hotels and prices to choose from.

HotelsCombined was awarded best hotel comparison website in the 2013 and 2014 World Travel Awards.


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